World Class Training And Consulting Services In Specialized Regulatory Safety Compliance Issues

Wright Rescue Solutions

Simply stated, we are a US-based consulting company, specializing in regulatory safety compliance issues related to confined space and other forms of technical rescue.

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WRS training programs are for established teams, and organizations wishing to update existing members or to further develop a smaller core of individuals to higher levels of training.

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As dealers for some of the biggest and best manufacturers in the United States, we can facilitate your every rescue equipment need. We use only the highest quality equipment for our life-saving needs and the protection of our rescuers.

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Standby Rescue

Our highly skilled personnel are trained and fully equipped to protect the welfare of your personnel while working in areas which might otherwise present significant difficulties for rescue.
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Team Evaluation & Consulting

Assessment of Confined Space Rescue Service (Rescue Team) performance is required by both OSHA and NFPA.This “Snapshot” of a team’s performance will help you to evaluate whether or not current training is adequate.
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Specialty Kits

Call us for your customized rescue equipment solutions for single- and two-tensioned rope operations. We can provide bags, content, and marking of all equipment based on your needs. Call us for your customized kits today.
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