Joey Gonzalez, Senior Chief Instructor

Joey Gonzalez is a career Firefighter/Driver with the city of Gainesville, Florida and, in addition to acting as a Wright Rescue Senior Chief Instructor, he heads up our instructional team for Rapid Intervention and Firefighter escape. Joey is one of the primary instructors for Gainesville’s Rapid Intervention and Firefighter Escape programs and has received honors as Instructor of the Year in that capacity. He participated in the training of FDNY’s instructor team for the Personal Safety System project in 2005 in which the EXO personal escape system was taught and provided to over 11,500 members of the department. Enthusiastic, out-going, and highly motivated; he brings a great talent to add to Wright Rescue’s team of world-class instructors. Joey’s specialties include Rope and Confined Space rescue, Tower Rescue and Firefighter Escape.