Wright Rescue Solutions is a U.S.-based company providing world-class training and consulting services in specialized regulatory safety compliance issues related to confined space and other forms of technical rescue.


“Ideas for a Safer World”

Our Vision

To provide the highest quality services at a fair price in an effort to influence and enhance the preservation of human life through safer practices.

Our Values

As Individuals and as a Team, we are uniformly dedicated to the following beliefs and practices:

  • There is nothing on this earth more precious than human life and no greater gift than to save one.
  • There is no substitute for safety. It is your best chance for survival under the greatest adversity.
  • To truly help others, we must first consider ourselves students of our own profession, for it is only through a daily devotion to learning that our best effort will be achieved.
  • In everything that we do, whether of a business or personal nature, we will exercise a total commitment to our best effort with honesty, integrity, and absolute consideration for the needs of our fellow man.

Philosophy On Safety

Perhaps our most significant asset lies in our belief that, above all, our duty is to the saving and preservation of human lives. This is well illustrated in the fact that, within the scope of our professional teaching careers, none of our personnel has ever allowed an accident or injury to occur during any training session or operation. Our entire operational philosophy revolves around a systems approach to safe practices and procedures in everything that we do. This is the genesis of our slogan, “Ideas for a Safer World.”