Customized Rescue Equipment Solutions
Call us for your customized rescue equipment solutions for single- and two-tensioned (a.k.a. Mirrored or Twin systems) rope operations. We can provide bags, content, and marking of all equipment based on your needs. Call us for your customized kits today. Some of our specialty kits include:

  • Mainline (or Twin) System Bag – This bag contains everything needed to provide an anchored lowering system with conversion to a variety of raising systems based on your needs. It may be developed as a single-tensioned rope system (Main and Belay) or as a two-tensioned rope system (two identical tensioned systems.
  • Belay System Bag – This bag contains everything needed to provide an anchored non-tensioned belay system when operating within a single-tensioned rope system. The belay device is based on your needs and convertible to a raising system in order to meet OSHA “Retrieval” requirements during confined space rescuers if needed.
  • Utility Bag – This bag contains a variety of additional equipment which may be needed in a typical rescue while still maintaining portability in a light weight kit. Items typically include (but are not limited to) an additional 200’ of ½-inch rescue rope, 10 carabiners, 4 anchor straps, a variety of 1-inch flat webbing of different lengths, 4 single Prusik-minding pulleys, 1 double Prusik-minding pulley, additional descent-control device, 1 delta screw link, 1 rigging plate, 4 sets of short and long Prusiks (color coded by length), 2 mechanical rope grabs and more.
  • Litter Tender Kits – Litter tender main and belay allowing last-minute attached to either a vertically- or horizontally-oriented litter to allow a singular rescuer to “ride along” with the patient as need dictates. Both systems are completely adjustable and can be locked to allow hands-free operation.
  • Patient Packaging Kits – This kit offers a customizable solution for all of your patient packaging needs. This kit is quite variable but generally includes at least 1 rigid litter with lashing and bridles, 1 flexible Sked litter, 1 long spine immobilizer with rescue-grade lashing straps/c-collar/head immobilizer and 1 short spine immobilizer with either built-in or external patient lifting harness.
  • Confined Space Kit – This kit is also very customizable but generally includes a portable anchor device (such as a tripod), a portable ventilation fan, a portable breathing air supply for supplied-air respirators (we do not sell breathing apparatus but do handle air carts), and hard line communications system.